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I´m a genius. My name is Francisco Amézquita and I´m a Computer Science Engineer Student at Tecnológico de Monterrey Campus Guadalajara here in México. Since I was a kid, I´ve been interested in the way computers work, from the technical and logical perspective, being that one of the main reasons why I study Computer Science... Continue Reading →

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Tools for V&V

We´ve talked about on earlier posts about V&V or Validation and Verification, from its definition (check out Being right and doing it right? – Validation and Verification) to an useful tool for ensuring Software Quality (check out Verification and Validation of Software). On today´s post, we are going to talk about Tools for V&V and as always,... Continue Reading →

Software Testing

In our previous posts we´ve been talking about Software Quality and one of the main activities regarding this most "wanted goal" is Software Testing. So, today we are finally going to talk about Software Testing and this post is going to be divided in: Software Testing processTypes and levels of testingActivities and roles in testingTesting... Continue Reading →

Verification and Validation of Software

Today we are going to talk about two processes that will ensure us to get a Quality Software: Verification and Validation. These concepts can kind of sound similar, but these two have different approaches. I remember writing about these two processes in my Being right and doing it right? – Validation and Verification entry, so if... Continue Reading →

Models and Standards for Software Process Improvement

In our previous entry, we finished talking about Software Quality Standards, now we are going to take a dive on Models and Standards with respect to Software Process Improvement. The following Models and Standards we are going to cover for Software Process Improvement are the following: CMMITSP/PSPISO-15504MOPROSOFTIDEAL method CMMI CMMI stands for Capability Maturity Model... Continue Reading →

Software Quality

In this entry, we are going to give a little introduction of what software quality really is. Like most software engineers, at some point in our lives, we have asked ourselves "Are we doing this correctly?, "Is this good enough?", "Does my software contain some quality", "Is it competitive by its quality?" Let´s talk about... Continue Reading →

Final Project Delivery

Zendayalovers team: Oscar Fabián Ramírez González A01630024Victor Jaret Guido Alvarado A01630603Francisco Mariano Amezquita Ramos A01634495 Reta 6-0 Reta 6-0 is a project that it is mainly intended to be a solution to those people who like to play tennis but finds difficult to play it in a competitive way, because our first motivation is the... Continue Reading →

Test Driven Development

On today´s post, we are going to talk about another way of development which kind of goes backwards, this is Test Driven Development (TDD). Test Driven Development consists of writing the tests first, then writing the source code that passes the test successfully and finally refactoring the written code. This methodology sounds kind of atypical,... Continue Reading →

Object Oriented Testing

Let´s talk about testing. Tests are intended to show that a program does what it intends to do and discover the flaws of the program before putting it into use. On this post we will talk about how to test Object Oriented systems and/or structures. Let´s remember that Object Oriented based is not as intuitive... Continue Reading →

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