Time for some Quality Software while Testing: The beginning

Hello there! Did you missed me? Because I did…

We are back and this time we are going to talk about Software Quality and Testing, a course that I´m taking for my Computer Science Degree. I hope you enjoy this little journey with some interesting topics that will help us reach a competitive software taking in mind quality, models and standards, verification and validations, software review and testing, etc.

To follow these entries, stay tunned on the entries TC3045 (the code of my course in my specific college).

I didn´t want to leave this post without sharing you this amazing experience sponsored by Spotify if you are a “The Weeknd´s ” fan . To access this experience you need to have a Spotify account and preferably use this music stream service as your primary. Basically the experience is based on your personal analytics stored in the spotify database being manipulated and powered by deep learning. Analytics such as how often you listen to a song, what days of preference do you use the service, first time listener data, and some other cool stuff ALL RELATED to your journey among you and The Weeknd on Spotify. Cool thing is… HE TALKS TO YOU!!! You know, his actual voice!… recorded…but hey, at least is something. He shares with you the analytics and offers you a mini-concert in return for being a good fan. It´s just genius!

The Weeknd - Oslo 2015
The Weeknd – Oslo 2015 by NRK P3

These were my statistics:

And here´s the link for your personal experience with the Weeknd: https://theweeknd.withspotify.com/

Hope to see you soon on the next TC3045 entries!

F out.

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