Final Project Delivery

Zendayalovers team:

  • Oscar Fabián Ramírez González A01630024
  • Victor Jaret Guido Alvarado A01630603
  • Francisco Mariano Amezquita Ramos A01634495

Reta 6-0

Reta 6-0 is a project that it is mainly intended to be a solution to those people who like to play tennis but finds difficult to play it in a competitive way, because our first motivation is the love we have for tennis we decided to create an interactive platform that will allow the users to play tennis with people who share the same passion, that is tennis. With this project our main goal is to make it easier for those who want to play tennis competitively or friendly, at the time they can and with at the level they feel comfortable playing.

Use Cases

ER Diagram


● For the creation of tournaments there must be a club in which it will take place.
● In the tournament you have two types of game, doubles and singles, which you do not have to have problems when managing them.
● Players can be in several tournaments and / or matches at the same time.
● For the registration of users to tournaments these depend on the organizers.
● Tournaments may only be created by club organizers (administrators) while the modification of game points and sets must be limited to being editable for the judge (party administrators).
● The types of users will be:
○ Tournament organizers. Club administrators who can generate tournaments and can take on the role of party administrators.
○ Party administrators. Judges who manage the score, fouls and control of the game.
○ Players. Users participating in tournament matches.


● The platform may be of help to the player in question, however, a greater benefit will be generated towards tournament organizers as they will have a more centralized and controlled tournament scalability for their information organization.
● The platform will be a responsive web application for mobile devices and can be easily modified on any device and avoid inconvenience such as lack of space in it.

State Flow Diagram

Relational database design.

Learnings from the process of design.

During this course we learned that designing a project is almost like making a sandwich, you can easily pick two bread slices, jam and mayo and get a sandwich, you can eat that and it could probably taste good but you can do better, way better, what if instead of just 3 ingredients we add 10 more ingredientes, we increase the size of the bread and make it way bigger, it will keep being a sandwich but just better, developing a software is kinda the same, you can easily make a project that works, but there are so many add ons that can be added to the project that will make it ten times better, while trying to add another ingredient to the sandwich you can check how is the sandwich doing and decide if you need to change something, add something or that way is perfect, building a project is a simple as making a sandwich.

The result for the whole topics of the semester are just here, lies upon us, within the final project. Design can be indirectly linked to engineering but in fact it is translate as the perception of how the project will works, then when it comes to design I get to think of design patters, that this are just as useful of your own but in fact the way that many industries or project translate its ideas into his owns can only mean that either you can create the project with one idea or you just can design it. This course have help to realize that documentation and designing are almost as important as the software itself, not just for maintenance but for yourself, tracking down your little changes or using methodologies help your life to get in order other one or the others can be useful to bring your solution to life.

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