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  • Something different.

    20 August, 2019 by

    I´m a genius. My name is Francisco Amézquita and I´m a Computer Science Engineer Student at Tecnológico de Monterrey Campus Guadalajara here in México. Since I was a kid, I´ve been interested in the way computers work, from the technical and logical perspective, being that one of the main reasons why I study Computer Science… Read more

  • Tools for V&V

    29 November, 2020 by

    We´ve talked about on earlier posts about V&V or Validation and Verification, from its definition (check out Being right and doing it right? – Validation and Verification) to an useful tool for ensuring Software Quality (check out Verification and Validation of Software). On today´s post, we are going to talk about Tools for V&V and as always,… Read more

  • Software Testing

    29 November, 2020 by

    In our previous posts we´ve been talking about Software Quality and one of the main activities regarding this most “wanted goal” is Software Testing. So, today we are finally going to talk about Software Testing and this post is going to be divided in: Software Testing process Types and levels of testing Activities and roles… Read more

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